Audit and Assurance

Auditors’ fundamental commission is to secure the reliability of the financial information within specific frameworks of accounting and legal requirements. Besides, our assurance services help our clients to identify major risks, to enhance financial security and to improve management’ s efficiency and business performance.

Our experience suggests that a well planed engagement minimizes costs and maximizes the added value that is generated at the end of the process. We initially seek to familiarize ourselves with the operations of the client. In this respect, we actively seek ways and means, that would minimize the time invested on the part of the management of the company. For example we carefully study and process the preliminary Provided By Client (PBC) information, in order to gain a sufficient preliminary level of understanding of the client’s accounting and business environment, prior to our onsite visit and management meetings. The proper planning of an engagement entails clarity of objectives, the correct identification of critical audit areas and risks and a clear understanding on the part of both client staff and audit staff of their roles and timing. Such an approach facilitates the early identification and resolution of problems and creates a climate of trust between the client and the auditor that could otherwise be undermined by last-minute crises arising as a result of being confronted with unanticipated problems.

We are specialized in providing:

  • Audit and review services
  • Compilation and preparation services
  • Agreed upon procedures, engagements
  • Other services provided under the related standards

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