HLB International raises over 8,600 Euros for charity

HLBInternational, one of the leading global accountancy networks  with  a  presence  in  140  countries, raised  over eight  thousand  and  six  hundred  euros  for  the Malta Community  Chest  Fund.  The  funds  were presented  to Noel  Zarb,  Chief  Administrator  of  the  Community  Chest Fund,when  the  network  held  its  annual  conference  in Malta from 18-22 October.

The   Malta   Community   Chest   Fund   is   a   charitable foundation  under  the  patronage  of  the  President   of Malta. The aim of the institution is to help organisations and individuals in need. It helps a vast range of people throughout the year, with the major amounts going towards chemotherapy and specialised medicine which would not be part of the list of medicines given through state aid.

HLB International’s CEO Marco Donzelli commented “As a network, HLB International is committed to giving  back  to  our  local  communities.  Which  is  why,  while  we  were  in  Malta  for  our  international conference, we partnered with The Malta Community Chest Fund.We’re delighted to have been able to support such a vital cause.”

HLB’s International conference brought together 130 professionals from 33 countries.Sessions during the conference explored the need for successful firms to continuously grow and progress and featured presentations that explored the challenges of connectivity, leadership, trust and development. As well as  insights  from  HLB  International  member  firms,  the  conference  presented well-received  keynote speakers,  including  Gale  Crosley,  a  leading  consultant  in  the  accountancy  field  and  Adrian  Furnam, Professor of Psychology.

HLB  International  holds  several  international  and  regional  conferences  every  year,  which  are  an opportunity not  only  to  hear  about  the  latest  developments  within  the  industry  but  also  for  HLB professionals  to  network.  It’s  those  close,  personal  relationships  between  HLB  members  that contribute to making HLB a personalised and cohesive network, which allows for the smooth running of clients’ business across borders.